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Wholesale humidity

At Smoke Tokes, your smoking accessories wholesale distributor in Canada, we sell all sorts of wholesale smoking accessories, some of which include wholesale bongs, wholesale dab rigs, wholesale pipes, and wholesale dispensary products. Some of our wholesale dispensary products consist of wholesale stash cans, wholesale storage jars, wholesale vials, wholesale baggies, and even wholesale humidity! Our wholesale Boveda is high-quality humidity wholesale priced so place an order today!

Buy wholesale cigar humidity in bulk for your smoke store from Smoke Tokes, your most trusted smoking accessories wholesale manufacturer in Canada. Our wholesale smoking accessories are high-quality smoking accessories wholesale priced, all while being cheap smoking accessories wholesale priced, so buy wholesale smoking accessories from Smoke Tokes after you scroll through our wholesale online catalog so you can understand why we are the number one smoking accessories supplier in Canada!

At Smoke Tokes, your Canadian distributor, we aim to serve all your wholesale smoking needs so place an order today and contact us if you need any assistance at all! As your Canadian wholesaler and smoking accessories distributor, you can reach us through the telephone, through our live chat, our over email. We are always happy to hear from our loyal clients that love the high-quality wholesale smoking products that we sell!


  • Dewbie Re-Hydrating Stone

    dewbie re-hydrating stone

    SKU: ST-DE-1

  • Boveda 67 Gram 12 piece display

    boveda 67 gram 12 piece display


  • Boveda 2 way humidity control 4 grams

    boveda 2 way humidity control 4 grams


  • Boveda 67 Gram

    boveda 67 gram


  • Raw Hydrostone Natural Terracotta Humidifying Stone

    raw hydrostone natural terracotta humidifying stone

    SKU: ST-RAWHYD-8790

  • Dewbie Re-Hydrating Stone Display  Of 12

    dewbie re-hydrating stone display of 12

    SKU: ST-DE-12

    Out Of Stock
  • Boveda 4 Gram Pack of 24

    boveda 4 gram pack of 24


    Out Of Stock