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Wholesale leaf - marijuana

At Smoke Tokes, your smoking accessories wholesale distributor in Canada, we carry all sorts of wholesale smoking accessories that you could dream of which consist of wholesale bongs, wholesale pipes, wholesale dab rigs. But what’s the best smoking accessory for those who want to express their love for cannabis in a decorative manner? Wholesale flags are the answer for you! We have wholesale 420 flags, wholesale weed flags, whole marijuana flags, wholesale marijuana leaf flags, wholesale cannabis flags, and much more! Buy wholesale marijuana flags in bulk here at Smoke Tokes, your flag wholesale manufacturer in Canada! Our marijuana flags wholesale priced are a luxury wholesale smoking accessory that you must buy for your expressive customers. Make sure you check our marijuana flag wholesale sales and marijuana flag wholesale deals in bulk. Smoke Tokes is your Canadian distributor, we aim to serve all your wholesale smoking needs so place an order today and contact us if you need any assistance at all! As your Canadian wholesaler and smoking accessories distributor, you can reach us through the telephone, through our live chat, our over email. We are always happy to hear from our loyal clients that love the high-quality wholesale smoking products that we sell and are always happy to answer any questions!


  • Weed Glow Flag

    weed glow flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-125

  • Absolute Cannabis Flag

    absolute cannabis flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-97

  • Addicted Flag

    addicted flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-98

  • Color Leaf Flag

    color leaf flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-100

  • Daily Leaf Flag

    daily leaf flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-101

  • Green Leaf Flag

    green leaf flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-102

  • Cannabis Heineken Flag

    cannabis heineken flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-99

  • Skull Weed Flag

    skull weed flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-106

  • Blunt Flag

    blunt flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-114

  • Green Is Good Flag

    green is good flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-118

  • Joint A Day Flag

    joint a day flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-119

  • Magic Stuff Flag

    magic stuff flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-120

  • The USA Marijuana Flag

    the usa marijuana flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-3


    flags weed girl

    SKU: ST-FLA-23

  • Marijuana Leaf Flag

    marijuana leaf flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-79

  • Hemp Flag

    hemp flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-78

  • Rasta Marijuana Leaf

    rasta marijuana leaf

    SKU: ST-FLA-76

  • Leaf Full Color

    leaf full color

    SKU: ST-FLA-77


    flags high life

    SKU: ST-FLA-70


    god made grass flags

    SKU: ST-FLA-31


    keep calm flags

    SKU: ST-FLA-48

    Out Of Stock

    marijuana flags

    SKU: ST-FLA-41

    Out Of Stock
  • Rasta Weed Flag

    rasta weed flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-121

    Out Of Stock
  • Canada Leaf Flag

    canada leaf flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-75

    Out Of Stock
  • Flames Leaf

    flames leaf

    SKU: ST-FLA-115

    Out Of Stock
  • Get Up Stand Up Flag

    get up stand up flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-116

    Out Of Stock
  • 420 Flag

    420 flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-113

    Out Of Stock
  • Smoke Weed Flag

    smoke weed flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-122

    Out Of Stock
  • Spilff A Day Flag

    spilff a day flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-123

    Out Of Stock
  • Weed Flag

    weed flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-124

    Out Of Stock
  • Marijuana Flag

    marijuana flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-103

    Out Of Stock
  • Rasta Leaf Flag

    rasta leaf flag

    SKU: ST-FLA-105

    Out Of Stock